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Ready to Start Flying a PPC? Congratulations on your decision to take your first steps in learning to fly a powered parachute light-sport aircraft. Go on, ask a PPC sport pilot…shoot, ask several PPC sport pilots…and they’ll all tell you the joys of flying are well worth it. You’ll find it’s far more fun, convenient and affordable than you ever dreamed it would be for you to realize your dreams…on your terms.

Flying a PPC is very special, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to do. If becoming a sport pilot, learning more about light-sport aviation and flying powered parachute LSA is something you’ve always dreamed of, you can start today.

As you explore this section further, your knowledge of learning to fly a PPC LSA and just how to get started will lead you right into the steps to obtain a PPC sport pilot license. You’ll also want an idea of how long it will take to do so, as well as the cost and the safety factor of accomplishing the task. We’ll discuss these issues along with the all-important topics of finding a flight instructor and a flight school that will ready you for your first flight.

It’s as easy as it is fun! Come on, what are you waiting for?

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