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The Sport Pilot designation solves a great deal of the time/money issue by creating a basic, entry level pilot certificate with training for only the things a pilot needs to become safe and proficient flying a powered parachute light-sport aircraft (LSA) with half the time commitment and half the cost of a private pilot certificate.

Are you wondering how to choose the right sport pilot certified flight instructor (CFIS) or are you looking for a PPC flight school? Are you an Ultralight PPC instructor, want to become a CFI, or are already a CFI and want to instruct in a powered parachute LSA? Do you want to become a pilot examiner? Are you a flight instructor in need of a student pilot training system for powered parachute LSA? Looking for tools to use while instructing your students? Click on the links below.

Become a Flight Instructor

Hamilton Pilot Training System for Sport Pilot CFI Applicants

CFI operating as a Sport Pilot Instructor

Certificate Renewal

Become a Sport Pilot Examiner

Ultra Light Flight Instructors

Hamilton Training System for CFIs

Tools for PPC CFIs

Benefits of PPC Sport Pilot for CFIs

CFI Guide to Sport Pilot and PPC Light Sport Aircraft

Publications, Forms, Endorsements

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