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There are two types of training materials for PPC pilot training, “Test Prep” and “Learn to Fly”.

Test Prep

Test preparation materials focus on the specific requirements to pass the two FAA tests:

  • FAA Knowledge Test- Passing the written (now computerized) knowledge multiple choice test.
  • FAA Practical Test (checkride)- Demonstrating to an FAA examiner that you can perform the tasks laid out in the FAA’s powered parachute Practical Test Standards.

SPORT PILOT KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICAL TEST PREP COURSEThe SPORT PILOT KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICAL TEST PREP COURSE provides two tools for the Knowledge test. The Test Prep book, which was all the FAA Knowledge test questions and the Prepware CD which allows you to practice taking tests just like at the FAA testing facility. The Prepware CD also provides the instructor recomendation/endorsement needed to get into the FAA testing facility to take the knowledge test.

The SPORT PILOT KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICAL TEST PREP COURSE provides three tools for passing the practical test (checkride). The Practical Test Standards book which is the FAA publication providing the requirements or “questions” for the checkride. The SPORT PILOT CHECKRIDE book provides the typically asked questions for each requirement plus the “answers” to the questions and the references for the answers. The Checkride DVD shows what it is like to go through a checkride. What an examiner is thinging, how to fail a checkride and what to do to make sure you pass the checkride the first time.

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Learn to Fly

Learning to fly a powered parachute light-sport aircraft (LSA) is a combination of ground training and flight training. A training syllabus is typically used to make sure the training is accomplished in a logical and efficient sequence, and that all of the requirements for sport pilot training are completed and properly documented. This information is typically presented in an outline format with lesson-by-lesson coverage. It is a road map for the student and the instructor to follow to know what tasks have been accomplished and what is still ahead. The training syllabus will refer to other training materials such as books, DVD, and CDs to study for the ground and flight training to be completed in the most efficient order.


A combination of the “learn to fly” training materials and the “test prep” kit plus all the other pilot materials such as a flight computer and plotter are included in a student pilot kit.

Sport Pilot Student Course, PPC








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