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Films featuring sport pilots flying powered parachute light-sport aircraft (LSA) – from beginners learning to fly on to expert’s thrilling adventures.

These films are intended to tell stories and adventures that motivate you to get out there and fly PPC!

Movie Trailers

Starting Powered Parachuting

Multi-colored powered parachute

This is a great introduction to the sport of powered parachuting and learning to fly a powered parachute.
03:48 min.

Weather to Fly

Weather to Fly

This is the weather course for powered parachute pilots to help you stay safe.
03:24 min.

Rotax 912 Introduction

Rotax 912 Introduction

Get tips and techniques for trouble-free operation of a powered parachute light-sport aircraft (LSA) with a ROTAX 912 engine.
06:40 min.

Sport Pilot Checkride

Powered Parachute in the landing zone

This DVD shows you what to expect for and how to pass your sport pilot checkride for powered parachute LSA.
06:00 min.

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