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PPC Pilot Hub

Powered Parachute Pilots is dedicated to helping people learn to fly by providing information to sport pilots, private pilots, certified flight instructors, and owners flying PPC light-sport aircraft (LSA).

Dream of Flying?

Whether you are looking to fulfill a lifelong dream or find freedom and adventure, discover what a rewarding experience flying a powered parachute (PPC) can be! Wondering what type craft you’ll fly? We’ve got answers to frequently asked questions. See videos and images of PPC in action to learn why to fly a powered parachute.

Start Flying?

As you explore this section further, your knowledge of learning to fly a PPC LSA and just how to get started will lead you right into the steps to obtain a PPC sport pilot license. You’ll also want an idea of how long it will take to do so, as well as the cost and the safety factor of accomplishing the task. We’ll discuss these issues along with the all-important topics of finding a flight instructor and a flight school that will ready you for your first flight.

Flight Training?

You’ll find lots of flight training resources, state-of-the-art sport pilot training programs, training materials, handbooks and manuals, you can find FAA test prep, FAA knowledge exam information and FAA practical test standards for PPC LSA. From start to finish, from the beginning of your desire to fly and right up to your FAA Practical Test Checkride, we have you covered. Be well prepared with a good grasp of the basic rules that apply.


Sport pilots can fly a wide range of powered parachute (PPC) light-sport aircraft (LSA). You can train in, fly, and own your own powered parachute! Operations, maintenance and inspections Operations, maintenance and inspections. will be discussed here that assist with this new technology. Ultralight PPC’s have evolved over the decades into safe and efficient aircraft. They are unregulated “single-seat cousins” to the certified light-sport aircraft.

Already A Pilot?

Find fellow Powered Parachute pilots, make sure you stay current as a PPC pilot, find online pilot resources, authorities, clubs, organizations, publications, destinations and events, news and media. Find all the resources and training systems needed to become an instructor.

PPC Pilot Locator

PPC LSA Pilot Locator


Locate fellow PPC pilots, flying clubs, flight instructors, flight training schools, PPC sales facilities, inspection and maintenance facilities.

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